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Reusable Coffee Cup Made by Fressko™ - 8oz

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Hey hey hey, when driving meets coffee.....

We are now partnering with Made by Fressko. Introducing the reusable coffee cup is the new and improved version of the classic takeaway cafe cup.

Available in 8oz, Fressko coffee cups are vacuum sealed, scratch-resistant, have a spill-proof, screw-in, easy to clean, no fuss, lockable lid and internal barista lines.
They fit perfectly under the baristas machine, perfectly in your standard cup holder and are ideal for travel. Stays hot up to 3 hours, dependant on use. 

When style meets sustainability.

Please note that the Canary + Coral cup has a third colour coating which gives added scratch resistance. This also gives it a finish that is less smooth than the other colours in the range. 


Delivery Time

Metro delivery time is 1-6 business days.

Regional delivery time is 2-8 business days.

Express delivery available.

Covid-19 Important Information

Being an online business means that we are able to continue our operations as per usual. Currently, all of our staff are working from home. We disinfect our warehouse and products on a daily basis. All our delivery is contactless.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. You cannot put stainless steel in the microwave.

CUPS - we say our coffee cups are spill proof’ instead of ‘leak proof’ because to be leakproof you need to use the lid according to the instructions ( releasing steam etc ) We cannot control how this lid is used so we say spill proof instead.

If you are concerned that you are using the lid correctly but still having issue there may be a fault with the lid so you can contact customer service to discuss.

Please use discretion when placing your cup in your bag or with valuables.

The Reusable cup lids lids can be used in the dishwasher but we recommend hand washing the cup to prolong the slip proof base.

If you do choose to use a dishwasher keep in mind that any marks on the cup that may occur from extra hot washes or the deterioration of the non-slip base ( in a dishwasher) are not covered under warranty as hand washing is recommended.

The Fressko flask is designed in Melbourne, Australia and are responsibly assembled in China.

We work closely alongside reputable factories that specialise in glass, bamboo and stainless steel in safe and fair pay environments.