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Sun Shade - Car Front Windscreen [Universal]

Sun Shade - Car Front Windscreen [Universal]

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SHADES UP! Designed to protect and enhance your car's interior from the harmful rays of the sun.

Need a sunshade? This car sunshade is just what you're looking for. With an expandable design to fit virtually any size windshield, this sunshade will protect your car from the harmful rays of the sun. The thick air bubble material offers an added heat resistance and it has an easy fold system for neat storage that's incredibly simple to use.

The CarMatsCulture sun shade is a stylish option that offers a laid-back way to protect yourself and your car from the sun. With a thick air bubble material for added heat resistance, it provides you with the wildest trip down the highway in style. It's also easy to fold away and includes suction cups for easy attachment.

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