Top 10 Accessories for the Toyota LandCruiser in Australia

Top 10 Accessories for the Toyota LandCruiser in Australia

What are the top Toyota Land Cruiser accessories you must have in Australia? We understand that you have a busy life and need to fit everything that you need into your Toyota LandCruiser. This is why we have created an easy add-on system so you can add the things that are on your wish list in minutes, right at home.

Dirt Proof Car Mats

Car mats are not accessories, they're essentials. It is a fact that every car need to have at least a pair of mats with them. A good set of mats will protect your car's interior in all kinds of weather conditions, from dry to wet, warm and cold. This is especially necessary for LandCruiser. You can get premium quality and custom made car mats from CarMatsCulture.

Hitch-mounted Bike Rack

Hitch-mounted bike racks are a great alternative to roof top or trunk mounted racks. The Shingleback Rack is a must-have accessory for the Toyota LandCruiser in 2022. It’s easy to remove when not in use, and because the front wheel rests in a cradle, it’s a safe option for carrying full-suspension mountain bikes with angled top tubes.

Alloy Bull Bar

The alloy bull bar will be the most important accessory for the Toyota LandCruiser in 2022 as it can be used to tow and carry heavy loads with ease. The alloy bull bar is an excellent alternative to a traditional steel bull bar because it is much more lightweight, does not rust and can be easily removed when not required.

Trail Lights

Another useful Toyota Land Cruiser accessories is the trail lights. It makes driving down the dirt road at night safer. The Genuine MAXILAMPS are ADR approved and gives your vehicle great security and lighting. You don’t even have to cut any wires because you can simply plug them into the safelight unit safely.

Bed-mounted Toolbox

Bed-mounted toolboxes are typically made from tough aluminium and come with a lockable lid which is handy if you want to keep your valuables safe while you are travelling or even at home.

You don't have to worry about them bending or breaking things! As well as being able to be used as a luggage compartment, they can also be used as extra storage space when you are working on your vehicle or go offroad.


Snorkels are a great accessory for LandCruiser owners. Having a snorkel can really prove useful if you find yourself in deep water, or in a situation where you need to cross a body of water.

Tough and durable, snorkels are also extremely affordable and easily installed as they just need to be fitted into your vehicle and that's it, you're done!

Bonnet Protector

While not a necessity, bonnet protectors are highly recommended for your LandCruiser. They will protect the front of your car from scratches and scuffs, which can be caused by shopping trolleys or low hanging branches. The bonnet protector will help to keep your vehicle looking pristine and let it age gracefully.

Tinted Window

Tinted windows are a great choice for the LandCruiser. They allow the driver to enjoy privacy while protecting you from harsh rays of sunlight and UV rays. T

his is especially useful when driving in areas that experience extreme heat, or if you want to avoid the attention of others while driving. Tinted windows are also very easy to install and clean.

Off Road Maps

Off-road maps are essential if you're planning on driving and off-road in your Toyota LandCruiser. These maps are the only way to plan and navigate your route to the best spots for off-roading. Lots of Apps are offering off road downloads too. For example, Hema maps.

Wireless Charger

A wireless charger can be used almost anywhere in the car so that you can charge your phone more easily while driving. This will allow you to keep up with all of your notifications, receive calls, text messages, and emails without having to take your eyes off the road.


It’s great to see that there is so much choice in Toyota LandCruiser accessories today, enabling LandCruiser owners to stand out with unique looks and different functionality. So, if you're driving a Toyota LandCruiser in Australia then you should probably get one these accessories!

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