Driver Mat Safety and Correct Usage of Car Mats

Safety Warning: Incorrect Usage of Car Mats

Incorrect use of car mats can lead to serious consequences, including potential obstruction of vehicle controls and increased risk of accidents. Always ensure proper mat placement, secure fitting using the supplied Velcro tapes, and regular checks for mat movement. If you observe any issues or have concerns, stop using the mat immediately and contact our support team. Your safety is our utmost priority.

How to Correct Use the Mats

1. Prepare the area: Start by thoroughly cleaning your car's floor area to remove any dirt or debris. The floor should be completely dry before installing the mat.

2. Position the mat: Place the car mat in the intended area. For the driver's side, align the mat with the pedals for a secure fit. Avoid placing mats over the top of one another, which can lead to slippage.

3. Secure the mat*Our mats feature a unique 'Spiky Crawler' backing that firmly grips your car's carpet, securing the mat in place. We supply Velcro tapes with each of our mats to enhance stability. Attach the Velcro tapes to each corner of the mat, ensuring a firm attachment to the car's floor.

4. Check the fit: Once installed, check the mat's fit. It should not obstruct the pedals or interfere with the operation of the vehicle in any way.

5. Regular maintenance: Clean the mats regularly to prevent dirt buildup, which can lead to slippage over time. If necessary, re-adjust or replace the Velcro tapes to maintain a secure fit.

*Our mats feature a unique 'Spiky Crawler' backing that firmly grips your car's carpet, securing the mat in place. However, please note that this design is specifically tailored for carpeted vehicle floors, not for vinyl or rubber-floored vehicles. For vinyl or rubber-floored vehicles, it is essential to use the provided Velcro tape to secure the mats effectively. While our 'Spiky Crawler' design provides a robust grip on carpeted floors, we understand every vehicle is unique. Therefore, we recommend using the Velcro tape regardless of your vehicle's floor type to provide additional security.

It's crucial that drivers pay extra attention to mat placement and security. Ensuring the mat is properly secured not only enhances comfort but also significantly contributes to safe driving.

Incorrect Usage of Our Car Mats:

-> Using without Velcro tapes: Our mats are supplied with Velcro tapes specifically designed to ensure the mat stays in place. Using the mats without these tapes may lead to slippage.

-> Overlapping Mats: Placing one mat over another can lead to an unstable surface and potential movement of the top mat.

-> Ignoring Regular Cleaning: Accumulated dirt and debris can reduce the effectiveness of the anti-slip property of the mats and Velcro tapes, causing them to move.

-> Obstructing Pedals: Improper positioning of the mat that obstructs the car's pedals is a serious safety hazard.

-> Ignoring Signs of Movement: If you notice the mat slipping or moving while driving, continuing to use it without addressing the issue poses a risk.

-> Using Damaged or Worn-out Mats: Using mats that are torn, heavily worn, or otherwise damaged can reduce their effectiveness and safety.

If you notice any safety concerns or issues with your car mat, such as movement or slipping while driving, please stop using the mat immediately. We urge you to contact us immediately at We’re always here to help.


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