Premium Car Mats for Volvo

Our exquisite selection includes tailored floor mats for popular models like the Volvo C40, EX30, EX90, S60, V40, V60, V70, XC40, XC60, XC60 Recharge, XC70, and XC90. Elevate the interior aesthetics of your Volvo while ensuring maximum protection against dirt, spills, and wear.

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with CarMatsCulture's precision-engineered floor mats, designed to fit your Volvo like a glove. Upgrade your ride today with the finest quality floor mats that reflect your unique taste and personality.

  • Our Mats Collection for Volvo - as of Oct 31st 2023

    Volvo XC70 2007-2016 Mk II
    Volvo XC90 2015-Current Mk II
    Volvo S60 2010-2018 Auto
    Volvo V60 2015-2018 Cross Country
    Volvo S60 2019-Current Mk II
    Volvo XC60 2017-Current Mk I Facelift, Mk II
    Volvo XC40 2018-Current
    Volvo V40 2013-2019
    Volvo XC60 2008-2017 Mk I, Mk I Facelift
    Volvo V60 2019-Current Cross Country
    Volvo XC60 Recharge 2017-Current Mk I Facelift, Mk II
    Volvo S60 2000-2009 Mk I, Mk I Facelift
    Volvo V70 2000-2007 Mk II, Mk II Facelift
    Volvo C40 2021-Current
    Volvo EX90 2024-Current
    Volvo EX30 2023-Current

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CarMatsCulture Boot Slate Grey

Custom Made Boot Mat for Volvo Now In Stock

Available in 4 Colours

Ultra Thick

Perfect Fit

Industry Leading Warranty

  • Australian Made

    Australian Made

    Use highest quality, meaning healthier in car and less environmental footprint

  • Warranty

    3 Year Warranty

    Industry leading 3 year replacement warranty.

  • Fast and Free Shipping

    Fast and Free Shipping

    Delivered by our carbon-netural courier partner.

  • 100 Day Free Return

    100 Day Free Return

    Hassle free 100 day return, for your extra peace of mind

  • Custom Made to Fit

    Custom Made to Fit

    All mats are custom made in Australia to fit Australian cars. They fit like a glove.

  • Ergonomically Engineered Surface

    Ergonomically Engineered Surface

    Our mats are ergonomically designed for in car comfort. They are 20% thicker than standard mats

  • Kids and Pets Friendly

    Kids and Pets Friendly

    Protect your car's interior from spills and wear while providing traction and stability for kids and pets during car rides.

  • Multi-layered Design

    Anti-slip Crawler Backing

    Upgraded crawler backing provide secure grip so the mats safely stay on the floor.


Are your mats specifically designed for Volvo models?

Yes, each mat is precision-designed based on the exact specifications of various Volvo models to ensure a flawless fit.

How should I clean and care for my custom Volvo mats to maintain their premium look?

Maintaining the elegance of your mats is simple. For routine cleaning, vacuuming will suffice. For spot treatments, use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt or spills. If a deeper clean is needed, a mild detergent can be gently applied. To preserve their appearance, it's advisable to avoid harsh chemicals. Moreover, our mats are designed to be durable and resistant to wear, aligning with the high standards of your Volvo.

How do the mats stay in place, especially during dynamic Volvo drives?

Safety and precision are paramount to us. Our Volvo-specific mats come with a non-slip backing and precise fittings to ensure they stay securely anchored, even during spirited drives. For added security, especially for the driver's mat, we provide a special velcro tape. It's crucial for driver safety that the mat stays firmly in place, preventing any potential interference with the pedals. Always ensure the mat is correctly positioned and secured before driving.

Will the custom mats impact the resale value of my Volvo?

Custom mats can enhance the look of your Volvo's interior and protect the original floor, potentially contributing to a higher resale value.

What warranty do you provide with your custom mats for Volvo?

At CarMatsCulture, we stand behind the quality of our products. All our custom made mats come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Should you encounter any issues related to the craftsmanship or material quality within this period, please reach out to our customer support. Our commitment is to ensure that every Volvo owner is satisfied with their purchase.

How long will it take for my custom Volvo mat to arrive?

Typically, our custom mats for Volvo are processed within 3-5 business days, with shipping times varying based on your location.

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