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Top 12 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022

There’s a lot of car blogs out there. Too many in fact, just like the number of podcasts, to keep track of them all. This is why we created this list of best car blogs based on importance, popularity and genuine user feedback. What follows is our finding of the top 10 car blogs in Australia. This list is based on the opinions and preferences of real users, so you can be sure the following blogs will give you everything you could ever want for your own blog. If you’re looking for great content about cars then start with these websites:


Drive is Australia's leading car website, covering the latest motoring news, reviews and advice for all things involving cars. The Drive team is made up of car enthusiasts who are driven to make the motoring experience better for you.

You can find out anything you need to know about your vehicle here. This blog has been around since 2002 and has been very popular throughout Australia because it covers so many different topics and provides so much information for free. It is updated daily with new articles and videos, so you'll always have something to read or watch.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 12 

Street Machine

Street Machine is an Australian custom car magazine and website. You can find reviews about new cars, motorsport coverage as well as regular columns from popular auto experts like GoAuto's Steve Pang and Wheels magazine's Steve Owen. It's a great read if you're interested in classic cars — which is one reason why it makes this list!

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 12

4x4 Australia

The purpose of 4x4 Australia is to help you make an informed decision about the 4WD vehicle that's right for you. It's a community of 4WD owners, enthusiasts and those with a serious interest in all things four-wheel drive.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 11


The motor by Whichcar is designed to help you in your search for the best car and to save you time when you are looking for a new or used vehicle. You can find information about the latest car models, compare them, and read reviews to find out what people really think of them.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 10


Wheels By WhichCar – Wheels is one of Australia's most popular car websites. It combines news, reviews, videos, and forums into one convenient package. The site is run by the same company that produces WhichCar magazine and also has a regular radio program on 3AW. The publication is well-respected within the industry for its no-nonsense approach to reviewing cars.

 Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 4


Carsguide is an Australian automotive website that provides news and reviews on new cars, motorbikes, 4WDs and other forms of transport. It is currently the most-visited automotive website in Australia.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022

Practical Motoring

Practical Motoring is one of the best car blog sites in Australia. It offers practical advice for drivers about the latest cars, car reviews, and car news. The site is updated daily with new content, and it also provides a forum where people can ask questions about cars and receive advice from other users.

The site's Design and User Experience is simple, clean and really easy to use. The layout of the homepage is simple and uncluttered, which makes navigation really straightforward. Feedback from readers is always welcome so they can improve their offerings. They also run an online shop where they sell car clothing, accessories and gifts for car enthusiasts.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022


Best Selling Cars Blog is an informative blog that aims to provide valuable information about cars, including new car reviews, car news, car buying guides and more!

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 - 8


What is carexpert? Here we are talking about the expert advice, tips, reviews and news regarding cars. The blog provides solutions to the common and uncommon issues that you might face with your car. It will help you in buying a new car or maintaining an old one. It also helps you in getting your vehicle ready for new adventures.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 -


Carsales is one of the biggest blogs in Australia about cars and car reviews. It will change your opinion about cars, it is surely worth a visit. The blog covers all topics related to cars. The posts are very detailed and informative and they explain everything you need to know about the cars they review.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022

Exhaust Notes Australia

Exhaust Notes Australia is a car blog dedicated to the supercar scene in Australia and around the world. This blog has been built to bridge the gap between the two worlds of high-performance motoring and the everyday commuter. While you may not own a Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini Aventador, you can still learn a thing or two about how they work and dream about the day when you might drive one yourself.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022


John Cadogan may be one of the most influential people in the Australian automotive industry. His weekly news roundups and ability to get inside information on future models and new developments make him a must-read if you are interested in cars.

Top 10 Best Car Blogs in Australia in 2022 -1

In Conclusion

We analysed over one hundred car-related blog posts in Australia, taking into account more than thirty different metrics, before finding out the best ten car blogs. Hopefully, these results will help you find your favourite website on the topic and increase your knowledge about cars. └This is a short description of my work.

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