Ultimate Australian New Car Guide 2022 (Top Things to Check)

Ultimate Australian New Car Guide 2022 (Top Things to Check)

So, you’ve decided to add a new car to your family, congratulations! Bringing home a new car is an exciting time and there is lots of fun in store. Whether you’re a first car or adding to an existing collection there is plenty to consider. If your feeling overwhelmed with your new car, or you don’t know where to start – take a read through our full guide. 

Are You Ready for a New Car?

How to choose a car that suits you

When buying new, it is important to understand exactly what type of car will suit your needs.

To do this, consider the following questions:

  • What type of driving do I need my car to do?
  • How many people will I be transporting in my car (how many seats)?
  • What size do I want my car to be?
  • What features do I need? (e.g. air conditioning, power windows)
  • Is fuel efficiency important to you?
  • Do you need room for kids and child seats?
  • What kind of warranty comes with the car?

Consider how much the car will cost in total, including depreciation (the amount it will decrease in value), fuel consumption and running costs such as servicing, repairs and insurance.

buying a new car

Where to look and what to look for

Car Dealership

Most common way when you purchase a new car, you’re typically working with a local dealership that purchased the vehicle from the manufacturer and sets the price, and chooses what to do with factory rebates and incentives.

Tips: Many dealers will actually take a loss on the cost of a vehicle in order to make money in the long run either through financing or service. You may really be able to find a deal if a particular vehicle is “hard to move” and the dealer wants it to go away near the end of its model year.

Mercedes Dealer Melbourne

Source: Mercedes-benz Glen Waverley

Direct to Consumer (e.g. Tesla)

As the world's most valuable automaker, Tesla has a lot of things going for it. But one thing it doesn't have is a traditional dealer network.

Other automakers have been experimenting with direct sales to consumers, but they haven't yet gone as far as Tesla in cutting dealers out of the equation. That could be about to change. There are some signs that more automakers might follow suit.

Most major automakers still sell through dealers, either because of laws that make it difficult to sell directly or because their business models rely on dealers for distribution. But if more states allow direct sales and if consumers get used to buying online — especially during the coronavirus pandemic — expect this model to be more common, to cut off the "middleman."

Order online Tesla Model 3 Australia

Source: Tesla Australia

Novated Lease Car

A novated lease is a form of vehicle finance and a three-way agreement between an employer, employee, and leasing company. It allows an employee to salary package a vehicle in a way that benefits both the employee and employer, even where the vehicle is entirely for personal use. Even on a modest income, an employee can use a novated lease to not only acquire a vehicle at ex-GST pricing but salary package the car and its related operating expenditure.

Four Key Benefits To A Novated Lease

1) You can salary package your car and save tax

2) Enjoy all the features of owning a car without the hassle of ownership – we take care of everything!

3) Save money by buying vehicles ex-GST – simply choose from our wide selection of discounted new or used vehicles

4)You’ll never pay more than the recommended retail price for your vehicle

Car Broker

Car brokers can be a good option if you have some idea of what car you want and are looking for the best possible price on that car. They can save time by hunting down the best deals from dealerships across the country, and they can ensure that you buy the car with confidence knowing that it has been thoroughly checked over.

But there are some downsides to going through a car broker. The first is that you may end up paying extra for their service. This will depend on your broker and how they handle payments, but most charge a fee to cover their costs of doing business. Some will even charge you an administrative fee if you decide not to go ahead with a purchase after they've found you a deal.

There are some online based car buying platforms. One of the most popular is Carconnect, which provides pricing data to dealerships and tracks their performance. The company also offers direct sales from its site, where customers can either pick up a car from a nearby dealership or have it delivered.

Car Subscription (e.g.Car Bar)

Carbar is a new subscription-based car service where you can choose your own car and keep it for as long as you like, from 1 to 12 months.

Carbar gives you the freedom to drive a new car every couple of months, and offers guaranteed availability (unlike peer-to-peer services).

It's perfect for anyone who needs a car for longer than 30 days, but doesn't want the hassle of owning or leasing.

Source: CarBar

Bringing Home a New Car

Familiarise yourself with your car's features

Make sure that you familiarise yourself with all the functions of your car's features before you do anything else. This is important in ensuring your safety, especially if you're an inexperienced driver. Many functions in motor vehicles should be pre-set before the first drive.

Check the interior lights

Try all of the interior lights to make sure they work – including the boot light, so you can see what you're putting in there. Especially if you have ambient lighting.

Set up the air-conditioning or heating system

Before it's really needed, make sure the blowers work properly and that enough fresh air comes into the cabin. Check that all vents work too. Also check that all of the heated seats are working if your car is fitted with them.

Sync your phone to Bluetooth

Use this time to pair your phone to your car's Bluetooth. Once it's done, check that it works once more when you return home by making a call while driving around the block.

Setup your car touchscreen display

If you're not too familiar with tech, it can be quite intimidating at first. Do not fear! The user interface is pretty intuitive and easy for anyone to learn. Just give it a few minutes and you'll be a pro in no time.

Lastly, a brand new car suppose to be "perfect" in the events there are any issues, you should contact the dealership and ask them to fix it immediately. If they are unable to fix it and you are not happy with their response, you can reject the vehicle and raise it to regulatory authorities.

Choose the Right Car Insurance

Why car insurance is important?

Car insurance could potentially:

Get out of jail — if you have car insurance, your insurer will cover any bail payments needed to get you released from jail until your case is heard. If you don't have insurance, you may need to pay a bond to get out.

Get back on the road — if your vehicle is damaged in an accident or vandalised (or if it's stolen), car insurance may be able to cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Get paid — if you're hit by an uninsured driver or your car suffers damage in a natural disaster like bushfires or floods, comprehensive car insurance can make sure you're compensated for any loss without having to reach into your own pocket.

What types of insurance to get:

Your age, gender, state of residence and driving history all affect your car insurance premiums.

According to Moneysmart, there are four main types of car insurance available:

  1. Compulsory third party (CTP) insurance — included in your car registration cost (except in New South Wales, where you buy it separately).It covers the costs of compensation claims if you injure or kill someone in a car accident.

  2. Third party property insurance — covers damage to other people’s property, including cars, when an accident is your fault.

  3. Third party property, fire and theft insurance — covers property damage, and your car if it's stolen or damaged by fire.

  4. Comprehensive insurance — covers repairs to your car and repairs to other cars, even if the accident is your fault. It also covers your car if it's stolen or damaged by fire, flood or vandalism.

You can buy car insurance from many different providers, such as RACV, AAMI, Budget Direct, Youi and more.

Lastly, when buying car insurance, take time to compare the cost and understand what is (and is not) covered by different policies.

The most important thing to remember is that you are looking for the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price. It's also important to recognise that you get what you pay for. Also a higher excess means a lower premium but it's a gamble as there will be more out-of-pocket expenses if you make a claim.

Learn how to make basic fixes

It's frustrating to get into a car and have it not start. It's always a good idea to learn the basics about how to take care of your car. A lot of the issues that make cars break down are actually very easy to fix, if you know how to go about it.

1. Flat tyre:

A flat tyre may be due to a puncture. Replace the inner tube if there is a puncture or if it has been damaged. In case of a slow puncture, you can use an aerosol tyre inflator to inflate the tyre until you reach home, but do keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution and it should not be used repeatedly because it will damage your tyre.

Check the tyre pressure when you got a chance to make sure you followed the recommended bar.

You can find your car's tyre pressure on the petrol lid or on the tyre:

Australian car tyre pressure check

Source: RCA WA

2. Car stops running:

This could be due to low oil levels or a dead battery. First check the oil level and top up if required. If there is enough oil, jumpstart your car using jumper cables connected to another car’s battery or by using a portable charger/jump starter. Alternately, use push start if your car is manual transmission and has an option of push start.

3. Flat battery:

If your battery does not have enough charge, you can jumpstart it using another

Keep your car clean

Why you should keep the car clean?

Keeping your car clean is a good habit that needs to be developed. It's not just a matter of aesthetics, it's also about safety and comfort. A clean car allows you to focus on the road, helping you to avoid accidents. You should always keep your car clean because of these reasons:

  1. The dirt and germs that are in your car can make you sick, especially if you have small children or pets.

  2. If there is too much dirt in your car it can hide dangerous objects such as sharp objects or glass pieces that could cause injury.

  3. A dirty car smells bad.

  4. A dirty car can become infested with insects or pests, which will just make the situation worse.

  5. A dirty car affects your mood, which can lead to frustration and depression and even road rage!

Useful tips to keep the car clean

  1. Minimise eating inside the car

    If you need to eat something on the go, make sure you have a rubbish bag so you can throw away any food waste straight away. If you do get a spill, use baby wipes or moist towels to clean up the mess immediately.

  2. Carry a portable vacuum

    Your car is filled with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. As these areas are not easy to access, they tend to accumulate dust and grime. Unfortunately, this is where many people often overlook when cleaning their cars. A portable vacuum can be an excellent tool for cleaning these tricky spots.

  3. Only use premium car mats

    Standard rubber or fabric mats are not good at containing dirt, moisture and liquid spills. Premium car mats from CarMatsCulture do a better job here as they can soak up spills more effectively.

car mats australia

Get Some Useful Gadgets for Your Car

 We have made a comparison table of recommendations to help you decide


Drive carefully

Driving is a great way to enjoy your surroundings and get where you're going quickly. It's also an important responsibility that must be taken very seriously.

Before you drive, make sure you know the area and are familiar with the rules of the road. When driving, always be alert, drive defensively and never drive while distracted or impaired.

  1. Always check traffic before travelling

    It's always a good idea to check the traffic before you set out on a trip. If possible, avoid travel during rush hours in major metropolitan areas. Traffic apps such as Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps can help you find alternate routes, if necessary.

  2. Use GPS when possible

    GPS helps you navigate from point A to point B and beyond! When using GPS, remember to set your destination prior to pulling out of the driveway or parking space. Do not program while driving (this is against the law in many states).

    Some GPS systems are voice-activated; others require manual programming for each turn or lane change. Check your system prior to setting out on a trip to determine what is required from you while en route.

  3. Never ever drive after drinking

    Sometimes we have a few drinks, and you want to go home, but unfortunately there is no car, so you feel it's okay to drive home. But the truth is that if you've been drinking, your judgment has become impaired. It's best not to take the chance of putting yourself or someone else in danger by driving. Just because you think that you can handle it doesn't mean that you are able to handle it safely.

    If you have been drinking and need to get home, call a cab or take an Uber or Didi. You can also call a friend or family member who doesn't drink to come get you. And even if no one is willing or able to come get you, just stay where ever you are at until the next day when you are sober enough to drive safely home

  4. Take a nap(safely) if needed

    People get drowsy while driving, and this disrupts the normal functioning of your brain. When you are fatigued, you cannot focus well on the road or recognise potential hazards in front of you. You also have a slower reaction time than normal.


Takeaway: Remember to enjoy driving your new car!

You’ve just bought the newest, coolest, flashiest car on the market. But if that car sits unused in your garage or on your driveway, you haven’t used it to its full potential. When you first get your brand new ride, don’t wait. Put that baby to work right away! Hit the open road as much as possible to make memories—memories that will last you a lifetime.

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