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What is this program?

CarMatsCulture is offering all CarNextDoor drivers' additional side income possibilities. Earn BIG commission when a driver orders from your unique link. No earning cap!

Top Benefits:

1. High commission!

2. Extra generous 90-day cookie window and cross-device tracking

3. Regular performance bonus

4. Set and Forget. You do not need to do anything once all set up. Let the cash come to you! Perfect for additional side income.

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  • 2. Place a banner and write a post to receive a 30% discount

  • 3. Start earning big!


Upon acceptance into the program, we will provide you with a variety of affiliate links and banners. You can also use emails and newsletters to promote CarMatsCulture.

You will also receive the in-car Promo Sticker with your personalised QR code. So customers can order directly from your link. 

When placing our links and/or sticker, please make sure they are visibily placed and not in the mix of a large number of other ads.

Our commission structure gives you the chance to earn: A minimum $25 per sale of car mats.

Each link on your site/QR code has a unique tracking code. When a customer clicks through from your site to carmatsculture.com and orders a new set of car mats, we record that conversion and attribute it to your account. You can view your conversions and current earnings at any time in the Reports section.

All CarMatsCulture's Affiliate Program payments will be made via PayPal.

All eligible CarNextDoor drivers are eligible to join the ambassador program.

No, you don't but it's highly recommended!

1. You receive GREAT discounts for the premium mats that is exclusive for our ambassadors.

2. Your customers have AWESOME car rental experience because of the perks in car. This will lead them come back to you in the future.

3. It is much EASIER to convince your customers to order once they can physically see and experience the mats.