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“Thousands of Australians use these honeycomb car mats to equip their loved cars. Here’s why…”

Short On Time? Here's Your TL;DR

👉 Dirt and water resistant on a whole new level. Our mats keep your car CLEAN even after weeks of use. Super easy to shake off dirt and hose wash.

👉 Custom made for over 500 Australian car models. All mats are perfectly measured based on manufactures' specifications. 

👉 Added thickness to provide ergonomic support , making it perfect for road trips or daily commute. 

👉 Australian-based company with FREE national shipping from local warehouses, industry-leading 3 year warranty and 100-day returns.

I Love Jumping onto My Odyssey for Road Trips… But The Messy Dirty Shoe Prints Drive Me Nuts..Especially During a Rainy Day  

I’ve lived in the Melbourne country town my whole life and I like to keep my car clean and shiny. I love the “idea” of jumping to the car and taking my kids for a day trip… slipping off my shoes and relaxing with a favourite snacks. But it never actually goes to plan. Instead, the second my kids getting back to the car from beach or park, my car straight away gets incredibly messy. I ended up vacuuming my car every single day.
So I started looking at ways to beat the Melbourne weather and keep the sand out. I looked at different options of car mats, floor liners and carpets. The problem was, they were bulky, plasticky and took ages to install and remove for cleaning — plus there was still that issue of keeping all the dirts and drops in!

Then one day I was chatting with one of the mums from school about my frustrations.

The Idea That Changed Everything…

Later that night she sent me a message telling me all about a new mats she bought for her new Audi. It’s called the Honeycomb Car Mats from CarMatsCulture. It traps the dirt and sand inside the mats. So it still looks very clean after even weeks. It is custom made to cover the floor areas as well.

With 2 young and VERY active kids of my own, one furry friend, I needed something simple, easy and durable. At the same time, I don't need to worry about the mess up my Honda (also my baby)

So I replied, “Is it any good?”.

Here’s what she told me:

"‍Well, let me put it this way. Nobody gets into the car without it. I love that I don’t have to keep cleaning the car and warning my kids eating - and we can just enjoy the driving and music. The dirt and mud just got trapped. It just kinda “disappeared”. I love that it’s so comfy on foot, so kids can take their shoes off. Seriously, you should get one for your car. You’ll be glad you did.
I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical. It kinda sounded too good to be true. It kinda sounded too good to be true."
Kate recommended I buy one and told me they had to pre-order theirs, so they must sell out quickly.
The truth is, I want to take advantage of the school holidays and travel with my kids to go as many places as possible(before they growing up)… and I wanted us to actually enjoy our time in the car, without being nasty or smelly. 

That night I decided to order the mats.

I live in Melbourne and I was pleasantly surprised when my mats arrived in just 2 days — perfect timing for the weekend ahead.

The first thing I noticed was how nice it was packaged. It was clear the people at CarMatsCulture care about their customers - off to a great start.
The installation of mats is very straight forward. You literally take away the old mats, clean up the car and put the new ones in.  It is heavy and comes with anti-slip underlay — you don't need to worry about it slips away, just ready to use, so easy!

I loved how the mats was made from a comfy material, which makes my feet super relaxing and supported.

The mats are also perfectly custom made to match up with my car. It covers beautifully.
It comes with a driver footpad which I noticed my old mats don't have. It keeps the driver mat last much longer.

Would My Honeycomb Car Mats Survive A Family Road Trip?

We decided to go to the Great Ocean Road for a 3-day trip. We stopped at Coles for our road trip essential: Allen's lollies, Smith chips and Red Bull.

The trip begins with a relaxing beach stop at Lorne. The kids built a little castle and chased some seagulls. 

We stopped for lunch at our favourite hotel at Apollo Bay. We noticed it started some shower and decided to hurry up before any rain coming. We ordered some fish and chips for kids to takeaway in the car.

Finally, after another 2 hour drive, we arrived at Port Campbell and checked in to our hotel.

Thankfully, the mats were water and rain resistant. It still looks as new after stepping by wet shoes.

And my husband was stoked to see our car keeps still pretty clean after this trip.

It’s Easy To See Why The CarMatsCulture Honeycomb Car Mats are Selling Out Fast

The CarMatsCulture Honeycomb Car Mats are the perfect fit for your car for road trips, daily commute or country adventure....

Which is why Aussies are rushing to order Honeycomb Car Mats for themselves. And if you’re thinking about getting one set too — I wouldn’t wait a moment longer in case they run out! 
Plus all mats are locally made in Australia. I'm so proud to support Aussie made products! 🇦🇺👍

60 Days after Using CarMatsCulture Honeycomb Car Mats

I drove almost 3000km over the last two months including road trips, travelling to work, picking up kids, going to parks and friends' places etc. Last weekend, we decided to give our car a "bath". I surprisingly noticed that the floor area of the car is in super clean condition. Only a little bit vacuuming required for seat area. I took my mats out and gave it a rinse too. All of a sudden, it becomes super clean like new again.


I'm so impressed!




The CarMatsCulture Honeycomb Car Mats Features

👍 Low Maintenance, Shoe Print Free and Easy to Clean

No messing around with shoe prints, dirt or sand. Save time to enjoy the ride. Keeps your car nice and clean. It is also super easy to shake off and clean.


👍 Comfy layer with added ergonomic support 

Added thickness to make the mats super comfy under foot, making it perfect for road trips or daily commute. 

👍 Beautifully designed and perfect fit

Each set of mats are custom made for every model of Australian cars. It fits perfectly and keeps your car looking sleek.

What Else I Love About It

👍 Multiple colours to match the car: I have chosen the "can't go wrong" Black colour which fits beautifully to my Honda. But husband chose the Beige colour to match his BMW interior. They look incredible!

👍 Reduce noise from the car: the added thickness of the mats provide a good "noise cancelling" feature. It reduced the noise from the bottom of the car.


👍 Durable and Value for Money: We probably won't need to replace the mats until we replace our cars. They are just so tough and durable!

👍Fast & Free Shipping: CarMatsCulture is an Australian owned and operated business. All mats are custom made to order and shipped from their Melbourne warehouse so you don’t have to wait long. You can get free shipping to anywhere in Australia. 

👍 3 year warranty & 100-day money back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied in any way, you can get a full refund within 100 days, no hassle. You’re also protected from defects with an industry-leading 3 year warranty.


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    Remember: You’re protected by a 100-day money back guarantee and 3 year warranty.

Important Update 15th May 2024

Since writing this article, CarMatsCulture have announced a huge surge in demand. They’re at real risk of selling out. Be sure to order today and claim your discount to avoid disappointment.