Premium Car Accessories for Chrysler

Discover the finest automotive enhancements with our thoughtfully curated selection of custom car accessories. Each item is meticulously designed to add a personalized touch, ensuring your vehicle reflects your unique style. Tailored to meet the distinct needs of Australian drivers, our automotive bundles guarantee a seamless blend of style and functionality for both your car's interior and exterior.

Indulge in luxury with our exclusive bundles, uniting top-tier auto parts to achieve a flawless fusion of innovation and style. Elevate your driving experience by choosing our premium car accessories, thoughtfully handpicked to exceed the highest standards in durability and functionality.


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Will dirt or sand stuck inside the mats?

The dirt and sand may stuck inside the mats but this will keep your car look spotless. Moreover, it is extremelly easy to take it out, shake and clean.

Are the mats OEM?

NO.The abbreviation for OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means the parts are made directly by the car manufacturer, also known as genuine parts. However most of OEM mats are manufactured by 3rd party factories. Dealers will typically increase price to cover their marketing costs. All our mats are custom-made based on OEM specifications.

Will the mats move?

Even though our mats feature a crawler anti-slip design that interlocks with most car carpets, it's essential to use the provided Velcro tapes for added stability and security, due to the inherent variations in car models. Please always refer to the safety instructions included with your mat and refrain from misusing it. Regular checks and adjustments are necessary to ensure the mat's correct positioning and your safety. Learn more.

What is the return policy?

You can return your car mats within 100 days if you are not happy with it. Read more about our return policy here.

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