Plush, Anti-slip, Ultimate Protection

Available for All Popular Australian UTEs

  • CarMatsCulture

    Full Coverage and Secure Storage

    Our CarMatsCulture Ute Tub Mat offers complete coverage for your ute’s tub, ensuring all your tools and equipment stay securely in place. The anti-slip surface prevents shifting, keeping your gear organized and safe during transport. Available in sleek Shadow Black, it adds a professional touch to your vehicle's interior.

  • CarMatsCulture

    Anti-Slip, Bounce-Absorbent Surface

    The CarMatsCulture Ute Tub Mat features a uniquely textured surface designed for maximum grip. This anti-slip pattern ensures your gear stays put, while the soft, bounce-absorbent material protects your tools and equipment from damage. Experience unmatched protection and functionality with our custom-fit mat.

  • CarMatsCulture

    Pet-Friendly Comfort and Style

    Our Ute Tub Mat isn't just for gear—it's perfect for pets too! The soft, comfortable surface provides a safe resting place for your furry friends. Showcasing our stylish Slate Grey option, the mat combines functionality with a touch of elegance, making it ideal for any ute owner who values both protection and style.


Will dirt or sand stuck inside the mats?

The dirt and sand may stuck inside the mats but this will keep your car look spotless. Moreover, it is extremelly easy to take it out, shake and clean.

What are ute tub mats, and how can they benefit my vehicle?

Ute tub mats are protective liners designed to fit the bed of your utility vehicle. They protect against scratches, dents, and spills, ensuring the longevity and resale value of your vehicle. These mats also provide a non-slip surface, keeping your cargo secure during transportation.

What materials are used in CarMatsCulture ute tub mats?

Our ute tub mats are made from durable, heavy-duty poly and other high-grade materials. These materials are resistant to weather, chemicals, and UV exposure, providing robust protection in all conditions.

Are the ute tub mats from CarMatsCulture custom-fit for my vehicle?

Yes, our ute tub mats are custom-designed to fit a variety of makes and models. We ensure a perfect fit by using precise measurements and high-quality materials tailored to your specific vehicle’s bed dimensions.

Can I still use my ute's tie-down points and accessories with the tub mat installed?

Absolutely! Our ute tub mats are designed with cutouts and flexible material to ensure you can access all tie-down points and use your accessories without any issues. This design provides convenience and functionality without compromising protection.

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