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[Buy One Get One Free] Premium Steering Wheel Cover

[Buy One Get One Free] Premium Steering Wheel Cover

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Upgrade your drive with our Microfibre Leather Steering Wheel Cover! Designed to fit 90% of cars (37-39cm), this plush, purple beauty offers a superior grip and a punch of personality to your car's interior. Get ready to enjoy every journey in style and comfort with this chic co-pilot. 
Steering Wheel Cover 1
Steering Wheel Cover 2

What's in the box?

2 x Steering Wheel Covers

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Metro delivery time is 1-6 business days.

Regional delivery time is 2-8 business days.

Express delivery available.

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🔒 Enhanced Grip for Safe Driving

Our steering wheel case is designed to significantly improve grip, making it safer and more comfortable to handle the steering wheel, especially during long drives or in adverse weather conditions. The ergonomic design helps in reducing hand fatigue and provides a firm grip, preventing slippage and enhancing overall driving safety.

🛡️ Durable Protection Against Wear and Extremes

This case acts as a protective shield for your steering wheel, guarding it against daily wear, dirt, and the natural oils from your hands which can degrade the material over time. Additionally, it serves as an insulating layer, protecting your hands from the discomfort of extreme temperatures, a common issue for vehicles parked outdoors.

💎 Stylish and Low-Maintenance

Beyond functionality, our steering wheel case adds a touch of personalised elegance to your vehicle’s interior. Available in a variety of colours and patterns, it allows you to express your style while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your car. Moreover, the case is incredibly easy to maintain, requiring just a simple wipe down or removal for a more comprehensive cleaning.

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