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Windscreen Sun Shield

Windscreen Sun Shield

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Stay cool, protect your interior, and maintain your car’s chic aesthetic with the CarMatsCulture Windscreen Sun Shield. This sun shield is not just an accessory; it's an essential layer of defence against the relentless sun.

Features & Benefits:

- Premium Reflective Material: The Windscreen Sun Shield is crafted with a high-quality reflective material that bounces back the sun's rays, significantly reducing the temperature inside your vehicle and protecting your dashboard and upholstery from fading and cracking over time.

- Universal Fit: Designed with a versatile size and shape to accommodate a wide range of cars, trucks, and SUVs. The Windscreen Sun Shield provides a snug fit for maximum coverage and efficiency.

- Easy to Install and Store: With an intuitive pop-up design, the sun shield springs into shape for immediate use. It's just as easy to fold down and tuck away in the included sleek storage pouch, ensuring your car remains clutter-free.

- Durable Construction: Engineered to endure the daily exposure to sun and heat, our sun shield's durable stitching and robust frame guarantee long-term use without sagging or tearing.

- UV Protection: The specialised coating on the sun shield filters out harmful UV rays, preventing the deterioration of your car’s interior and keeping your seats and steering wheel cool to the touch.

- Stylish Design: Featuring a modern, sleek look, the CarMatsCulture Windscreen Sun Shield complements any vehicle’s interior. Its elegant aesthetic elevates the overall appearance of your car while serving a critical function.

- Eco-Friendly: By keeping your car cooler, the Windscreen Sun Shield can reduce the need for air conditioning, saving fuel and reducing emissions for a greener footprint.

Product Specs:

Gross weight: 0.472kg


Dimension when folded: 27*27*3cm 

What's in the box?

1 x Windscreen Sun Shield

Delivery Time

Metro delivery time is 1-6 business days.

Regional delivery time is 2-8 business days.

Express delivery available.

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Superior Interior Protection

Our Sun Shield combats the sun’s damaging effects, such as faded dashboards and cracked upholstery. Made with premium reflective material, it effectively blocks harmful UV rays, maintaining the interior’s appearance and extending its lifespan - a smart investment for maintaining your vehicle's value.

Unmatched Heat Reduction

The Ultimate Windscreen Sun Shield significantly reduces your car's interior temperature. In our tests, a shield-equipped vehicle was up to 27.2°C cooler than an unprotected one. This feature not only enhances comfort but also safeguards against the risks of overheating, particularly for children and pets.

Effortless Use and Storage

Designed for convenience, our Sun Shield is easy to install and remove, folding into a compact size for hassle-free storage. This eliminates the common issue of bulky sun shields, providing a practical, user-friendly solution for daily use.